Are you ready to quantum leap into 6 to 7 figures - with badass strategy and GRACE (in half the time, working half as much)?

You've come to the right place!

The world needs more empowered wealthy women.

Will you be one of them?

Dear Divine Goddess,

This is the day you STOP working so hard.

How would you like to turn your yearly income into your monthly income (without sacrificing your soul!)?

When I first heard that question, I was like what the...?! But after healing my money beliefs and completely overhauling how I do business, I can tell you it IS possible.

And, I'm here to help you do exactly that.

But first, let's talk about YOU...

You're brilliant at what you do. You're beyond passionate about ensuring that your clients live their best lives. You show up and do incredible work. You create epic change and profound healing with every client.

But, if you're really honest, you're not making the money you desire.

Deep down, you know you haven't truly mastered marketing or selling yet, and your 'I'm not good enough' mantra (along with your money karma drama) is keeping you trapped in just being good but not truly living your greatness or working fully in your zone of genius.

You desire a richer, juicier life, but you're not sure how to make it all happen.

You want to work from the beach while sipping green juice (or indulging in margaritas - whatever floats your boat!)... you dream of running retreats in Paris and Tuscany... or if you're like me, you want a lush life, so you can sacred time with those you LOVE - without being a wigged out mess.

The solution is simple.

You need to make a lot more money, so you can serve in a much bigger way.

The world doesn't need any more starving healers, coaches and visionaries...

We need empowered women who are paid what they are worth for their brilliance.

this is where your struggle and darling

If you're over playing small and you're ready to up level and vow to make your business rock, I'm here to show you that you can absolutely be deliciously wealthy doing what you LOVE.

It starts with you owning your inherent power, and committing to yourself and your divine calling with complete unapologetic courage.

It's time to take responsibility for your life and your bank balance. It's time to become wealthy by owning your brilliance, and sharing your unique brand of magic with the world.

We both know, you don't need to be 'saved' but you DO need...

badass strategy
ceo diva mama

In 4 weeks, you could have $30,000 in the bank...

Or like Marg, you could generate $24,000 in sales in 5 days after signing up.

Another Couture level member, Tiana, started filling her high--end Mastermind within 2 weeks of joining CEO Diva Business School.

Within 3 weeks of working with me, Kerry launched a completely new business, Mamaprenuer Business School along with a one-month intensive program.

In just ONE WEEK, you could have new paying clients paying you 10 to 20 times more than you are charging right now.

And if you're already at six figures, you can triple your income with more ease, peace of mind and joy.

But only if you put yourself first...

'3 days after joining CEO Diva Business School, Ingrid and I worked together to create a new business and high-end program - Sacred Astrology School, my blog hits went from 1000 to 5000 and I booked 22 sales calls in 72 hours. Ingrid's guidance has been priceless.'

Eloise Meskanen

They are achieving epic growth because they showed up for themselves -- and took the leap to work with a mentor that nurtures and leads them into divine abundance.

There's really nothing in the way of your success and abundance except YOU.

When you own your power to create swift change and take responsibility, your life will become incredibly rich. But don't kid yourself ... YOU have to make a choice to get out of your own way.

I often tell my clients, 'abundance and unlimited beauty are sitting right there in your reality.' But you have to pick them up -- and you do that by deciding to. Struggle is a choice. Wealth is a choice. Love is a choice.

What choice are you making right now?

If you're ready to truly make money in your business, and you're ready to be a total badass 'actionista,' then we should talk. I'm the only coach, transformational teacher and strategist I know of right now who is offering this level of service and epic change at an investment price that is doable for you.

So, I ask you, Goddess... Are you ready to move into six figures (and beyond) doing what you LOVE, without sacrifice?

Or are you ready to take your six-figure business and make it a million dollar empire, with more fun and peace of mind?

It's available to you right now. You just need to make a decision. Will you stay where you're at, or will you break free from playing small and scarcity for good?

I'm deeply committed to your success, but the rest is up to you. Let's do this.

real client

I'm Ingrid, and I'm your kick-ass money minx diva coach, business strategist and spiritual teacher.

My mission is to educate and empower a movement of wealthy visionaries, lightworkers and coaches through conscious business, badass strategy and femme power sisterhood.

But I wasn't always clear on how to build a dynamic business that generated consistent income -- and I certainly wasn't BEing the woman I needed to be (or charging what I needed to charge) to carry out my vision and make the IMPACT that I dreamt about.

After years of struggling in my coaching business, I finally realised that something had to change...

I've been featured in.

appeared on The Steve Harvey Show and was endorsed by Kate Winslet for my work.

Yet, none of that exposure did much for my bank balance!

I was shattered, overwhelmed and just freakin' over the hustle. The stress was killing me.

Heck, I had a decade worth of epic business experience behind me.

Prior to my career as a coach and transformation teacher, I...

Despite my catalogue of experience, it didn't translate into making the big bucks in my coaching business... until I started to truly value myself as a teacher, healer and coach.

When I gave birth to my little girl, something finally changed in me. I woke up.

It became obvious to me that my beliefs about money and my value were running the show ... and pretty much costing me everything.

I was done with the endless grind! SO DONE.

From that moment, I:

  • increased my fees by 500%
  • detoxed my stinky thinking
  • upped my spiritual mojo
  • released any shame I had around charging for my gifts
  • overhauled my sales strategy and went for GOLD
the truth

My life began to flow with some serious miracle mojo!

I made my first $130k in eight months (I know it's sounds rah-rah, but it's truth) and have since gone on to build a multi-six figure business - yes, with $50,000 days and all that jazz - and my business continues to grow at electrifying speed.

Trust me, you don't have to stress your head out with crazy launches to be successful. And you don't need a big list either.

What you need to know about growing your business, no one else is sharing.

That's about to change.

So, darling, get ready because I'm going to share with you EVERYTHING I know and have learned and mastered


What is CEO DIVA Business School?

CEO Diva Business School is a sacred, one-year Immersion Program - combining ancient wisdom, divine feminine power, sassy strategy, manifestation principles, siren selling and sisterhood.

This new hybrid of teaching + business ascension is like nothing else you've experienced.

CEO Diva Business School will catapult your mindset, business and bank balance into another stratosphere. It will transform the way you work with clients, your spiritual mojo, and the way you think, sell, present yourself and charge for services. Forever.

We'll show you how to...

Quadruple your income while you connect deeply to your PURPOSE.
Sell with soul, as you FULLY OWN your story and your style.
Install strategic systems to give you more time to enjoy your LIFE.

As a CEO Diva, you'll launch your high-end offer/s to double, triple or even quadruple your business into a lucrative powerhouse.

As you master the art and magic of self-worth, energy, money and marketing, you'll effortlessly up-level into your highest version of YOU.

Why should you invest in


Because You Want To Make Money Doing What You LOVE - In A Way That Works With Your Divine Feminine Body

You're looking for a business model that nourishes you. You desire a mentor that sees your light, and who will love you and give you a gentle kick up the pa-tooty when needed. You're done with force. You're over struggle and are ready to ascend into wealth on every level.

Making a pile of money, and driving your health and relationships into the ground, is NOT success. We're the only business school that offers spiritual and emotional guidance - while marrying the powerful elements of quantum physics, manifestation and comprehensive strategy. Coaching with me will give you the guidance and support you need to make money at an accelerated rate.

Strategy is not enough. You need the spiritual guidance and LOVE that CEO Diva Business School provides.

We won't let you fail. As long as you are committed to your success you'll get the results you've always wanted.

'I've just joined CEO Diva Business School. The quickness has shocked me. My world is changing rapidly in a massive, incomprehensible way. Within 5 days of working with Ingrid, I sold 3 coaching packages for $24,000. 3 weeks later I sold my first $15,000 program! Ingrid gives you her heart. She's incredible. Without Ingrid's guidance, I would still be selling $120 coaching sessions.'

  • Margaret Sramko
  • Founder and Transformational Teacher, Queen Awakening

Because Your Inner Circle Determines Your Financial Success

Your success is deeply influenced by those in your inner circle - your family, partner, children, friends, the team you hire and even the clients you CHOOSE to work with. To be financially successful, being supported by other like-minded incredible women who'll tell you why you CAN do it (not why you can't) and who will expand with you; a sisterhood unified by the power of badass focus,is vital to your success.

When you join CEO Diva Business School, you will enter into a divinely abundant and love-filled vortex that will guide you into greatness. Sacred Abundant Energy, Emotional IQ and Soulful Guidance and women you can lean on, in strength and vulnerability, is the potent alchemy you need to build a phenomenal business and an extraordinary life.

CEO Diva Business School is NOT a $2k digital program or group class that offers little-to-no emotional support and mentorship. It's the only business school that provides you with the warm embrace of a loving sisterhood, spiritual guidance, strategy and private coaching, as you take on this incredible financial and emotional transformation. Our classes are all LIVE and completely interactive. We're deeply committed to your success. Your results are our results.

Because Under-Earning Is A CHOICE... And It's Time To Make A New Choice

You may not like hearing this, but I promise you it's true... Not making enough money in your coaching business is self-imposed. No one's doing it to you. It's not the industry. It's not your clients. It's not because there's too much competition. No. That's all baloney.

Just make a choice to rise into wealth, and you will begin to shift.

When you start taking control of your finances, you start taking control of your life. Until you own your divine power to RECEIVE the money you deserve by owning your brilliance, you'll never have the business or life you deserve.

An income breakthrough goes way beyond making more money. It's about giving yourself a whole new experience of what's possible - and that can never be taken away from you.

Because Youll See Results from the Moment You Sign Up

The program officially begins in May, but your training and results begin immediately.

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive a comprehensive Welcome Kit that includes powerful guided meditations, rituals to help you begin to ground and create wealth, and access to the CEO Diva Private Facebook Group -- where we are already having rich conversations among the incredible women in the program.

You'll also book your 90-minute High-End Offer Ascension Session (one-on-one) with me right away where we'll craft your high-end offer and marketing strategy together.

Here's a selection of the million dollar brands that we've already created pre-launch - these divine femmepreneurs have recently joined CEO Diva Business School and the results have been immediate:

And that's just the financial growth. Don't be surprised if you lose weight, supercharge your romance with your beau, heal your marriage, skyrocket your spiritual mojo, become a manifesting Diva and fall deeply in love with yourself on your journey. It's all energy, darling.

When you heal your money story and your self-worth, you heal ALL the parts of yourself that are blocking abundance.

The Ingrid Arna Transformation goes way beyond money. It's a mind, body and soul makeover at electric speed.

Ready to begin?


Making money is easy when you allow yourself to shine, serve and sell. Guilt FREE.

client love

We need to be a fit, darling.

I only work with loving, passionate, ethical, whip-smart, courageous, kickass, spiritual visionary implementers (or as I like to call you -- 'actionistas').

If you're like most entrepreneurs, you have a treasure chest of information. It's WAY more than you need, but it's not converting into the success, abundance and the flow you desire.

Let's be honest, if you were meant to do it on your own, you would have done it by now.

It's time to bank on yourself to give yourself and your business the investment it needs to truly THRIVE, lady-boss. This is an invitation to skip the 10,000 hours of investment it would take to achieve mastery and instead learn from someone who knows the path.

Why not open yourself to some serious femme power, love and guidance to quadruple your business and heal your soul -- while removing unnecessary struggle?

Here's how I'm different from other coaches ... I am not only a coach, but I am guide, I am a healer and I am an idea content generating diva. I will help you fall in LOVE with sales. I will design your strategy, which will cut your hours in half while you make more money. I will laser in on your message and help you shape your story. I will work with you to craft your offers and illuminate your brand.

You will come alive as you dance to the beat of your own magic. It's time to be seen, to shine and to soar. The world is waiting for you.

why you

'How awesome is this! Between Chris, Ingrid and all of you amazing women here I feel so blessed to have such focused attention, support and guidance. Incredible community!'

Christine Waltermyer

Because you're ready to play a bigger game.

Right now you can feel it in every cell of your being; you are up-levelling big time. You're 100% over playing small. You're being called to RISE, Diva. You're sitting on the edge of launching your most potent work yet. It's scary, but you're doing it.

You're freakin' ready for more divine financial wellbeing (without the grind). You want to feel free, connected, at peace and in touch with your divine power. You desire a business that fills you up - no longer draining you on any level.

It's time to shake your money-maker, Goddess. The world is waiting to receive your special brand of magic that YOU have to give.

This is the Golden Era of the Femmepreneur. There has never been a better time for you to build a business that you LOVE.

if you are ready

...then CEO Diva Business School is exactly what you've been searching for.

Take this in, darling... An opportunity in
front of you means you're READY to take it!
Otherwise, you wouldn't see it. You're READY.


Women will heal the world when we own our Divine power.


By the end of our time together, you'll have...

the knowledge and strategy to package and sell high-end programs, that change the world and change your life. You'll become a truly savvy femmepreneur, as you master the art of money, marketing and miracles.

During your one-year program, we'll touch on a wide selection of topics listed below. But we want to be very clear: CEO Diva Business School is here to ensure you grow your business at an accelerated rate. The core focus will be to give you the tools and mindset to create a financially successful soul aligned business = the art of sales. The following modules will be taught in a fluid and organic fashion when needed.


A lucrative new business strategy:

The 'A-Game Rich CEO Diva Goddess Plan' for you to follow -- because abundance loves clarity, baby!


Your juicy and compelling program outline that includes your new brand & program name + compelling tagline, copy guidance and editing, price points for your program, and a proposal to send to clients. This is about getting it down and out in the world!


It's time to stand out, darling. We'll delve deep into creating your authentic brand to powerfully grow your soul tribe. It's time to connect with heart right from the start.


A money map to chart your $100,000 to $1,000,000 divine business model to follow, depending where you're at in your business and what your money goals are. It's time to RECEIVE, darling.


The funnel, marketing and strategy to attract a stream of endless clients. Client attraction covers opt-ins, social media campaigns, Facebook Ad campaigns, social media training and sales copy mastery.


The confidence and mojo power to sell your high-end programs by mastering the art of transformation selling with sassy siren soul. No one is teaching this in the way I am teaching it. This module will up-level your service and your revenue.


Unless your copy connects deeply with your audience, your dream clients won't realise they
simply 'must' work with you to get the
transformation they deserve -- and you won't be in the money, honey either. From your website and program sales pages to Facebook ad copy, we'll delve deep into making sure your copy drives sales with love, clarity and heart.


The healing work that you'll receive will be vital to your success. I will personally take you through guided visualizations and divine healing rituals to inspire you to release all that is NOT truly abundant in your life. Together, we'll rewire your thinking and completely shift your energetic and emotional energy system. When you clear your fears and release your subconscious beliefs, you'll become a magnetic abundant DIVA.


Strategy is not enough. You'll be guided to work with the divine and supercharge your spiritual connection to align, trust and relax into your desires + ascension.


You'll discover how to tap into your divine wisdom and exquisite power in a deeper way than ever before to become a magnetic, manifesting Queen.


Master how to host your own webinars to speak with heart and sell from the online stage. As you step into the spotlight, you'll ignite your message and revenue.


Money story drama karma healing and clearing to RECEIVE more abundance and flow in your life. It's time to be in the money, honey!


Want to be a leader in your field? Time to up-level your coaching skills from greatness to excellence! You'll become a super sassy coaching master, moving from novice to pro. You'll glow with confidence, divine intuition and exceptional guidance -- leaving your clients buzzing with excitement and clarity after every session.


Guidance and co-creation of all your worksheets, exercises, questionnaires and rituals that are needed for your Signature System and Program. As you create your program, you'll evolve and transform. You'll be guided each step of the way to tap into your divine intelligence giving you the mojo you need to truly OWN your wisdom and share it with DIVINE STRENGTH, COURAGE and LOVE.


Get your divine self out there, babe! It's time to be seen. Video content is KING, and we're going to teach you how to excel on camera. If you want to become truly visible, you need to create and produce rich content that clearly expresses the heart of your art.


Discover how to work with sacred feminine magic, while balancing masculine energy to skyrocket your business -- without draining your life force.


The development of your own personal healing, coaching or business training methodology. You'll have the resources for VIP private sessions, six-month or one-year intensives, in-person or online group programs, and retreat programs. These worksheets form a comprehensive workbook to support your clients and ensure that you represent yourself as a leading professional in your industry. Your workbook will become the bedrock of all your future trainings, including the heart of your book to either self-publish or pitch to prospective literary agents or publishers.

The 8 Pillars of CEO Diva Wealth Creation will be the bedrock of your divine ascension into wealth.

Making money in your business isn't just about creating financial wellbeing.

It's about expanding your service and going deeper into the work you are called to create. It's about making a deeper impact (and, if we're honest, you can't do that when you're struggling to keep the lights on, or you're chronically exhausted with a booming practice that isn't generating the income you need to thrive).

Playing small doesn't serve the world ... struggling
doesn't serve your clients or your loved ones ...
money is an energy exchange. That's all.

At CEO Diva Business School, you'll master money as you shift your relationship to it and create divine abundance at last.

the 8 piller of ceo

We'll also work with my CEO Diva Modern Day Archetypes to ignite magic, miracles, money and momentum.

The sacred

The CEO Diva Morden Day Goddess Archetypes For Feminine Wealth Mastery


Financial wellbeing is a spiritual blessing, not a sin.

  • ceodiva
    Each month, Ingrid and world-class guest experts will teach 2 Group LIVE Video Classes -- including Q&A / coaching at the end of each call. You'll also receive the recordings of each class.
  • ceodiva
    Hot Seat Diva coaching is laser sharp private coaching by Ingrid, where your questions will be answered. You'll also learn invaluable insights from your sista Divas, as we coach them through any blocks or issues that are coming up. You'll also receive the recordings of each coaching call.
  • ceodiva
    As soon as you register, you'll be booked in for your 90-minute High-End Ascension Session with Ingrid. Together, we'll craft your high-end offer and marketing strategy. This will give you the momentum, confidence and strategy you need to start selling high-end pronto. Platinum, Couture and Millionista Priestess CEO Divas will also receive several additional private sessions with Ingrid throughout the year.
  • ceodiva
    Private Facebook Sisterhood with daily guidance, the power of accountability and LOVE. Here, you'll be free to ask questions and get additional support. Think of this as an additional online classroom/hub. It's highly interactive, supportive and FUN!
  • ceodiva
    Joining Ingrid's sisterhood will give you access to Ingrid's misterhood: her hubby Chris, now your tech guru. He's an engineer, runs all the backend for CEO Diva, and is a proud 'super nerd' ready to support your business too. He won't do it FOR you, but if you need guidance, he'll be able to give you the answer. Every tier gets tech guru access.
  • ceodiva
    This 5-hour intensive will be in-person in Australia and streamed LIVE for everyone else to view. We'll go deep into your DIVINE OFFER, PRICING and SELLING STRATEGY.

*Private sessions are not included in the GOLD package. Don't worry, we've still got your back. We'll answer all your questions online, and if you still need extra help, we'll put on an additional group call to support you. Done.

how it works

'Ingrid you make me want to sign up for my own program. Joining your group is one of the best business decisions that I've made. Thank you so much for your support, fabulous ideas and the divine space you and your hubby hold for us!'

Bridget Engel
Transformation Teacher

The only thing more beautiful
than the woman that knows
what she wants, is the woman
that isn't waiting on anybody
else to get it for her.


We have four different investment levels to choose from.


We deeply care about your success Ingrid will teach ALL group classes along with guest experts LIVE each week. Each session will be interactive and filled with rich content to implement immediately in your business and life.

Sold out


What do you get, CEO Diva?

  • 2 x per month Group LIVE Video Classes (including Q&A / coaching) -- infused with wealth consciousness, money healing and energy work

  • 1 x per month Group LIVE 'Hot Seat Diva' Coaching Private Facebook CEO Diva Sisterhood Group -- with love, support and accountability coaching from Ingrid and your CEO Diva sisters

  • Tech Guru Access -- get the tech guidance you need to succeed

PLUS BONUS: VIP LIVESTREAM VIRTUAL / IN-PERSON TRAINING -- Your Offer In A Day + Sales Siren 7 Figure Lift-Off



What do you get, CEO Diva?

  • 1 x 90-minute Ascension Session with Ingrid
  • 4 x 1-hour Private Coaching Sessions with Ingrid throughout the year (when needed)
  • 2 x per month Group LIVE Video Classes (including Q&A / coaching) -- infused with wealth consciousness, money   healing and energy work
  • 1 x per month Group LIVE 'Hot Seat Diva' Coaching
  • Private Facebook CEO Diva Sisterhood Group - with love,support and accountability coaching from Ingrid and your CEO   Diva sisters
  • Tech Guru Access - get the tech guidance you need to succeed




What do you get, CEO Diva?

  • 1 x 90-minute Ascension Session with Ingrid
  • 8 x 1-hour Private Coaching Sessions with Ingrid throughout the year (when needed)
  • On-Demand 1-minute Power Coaching with Ingrid
  • Regular Personal Email Accountability Check In - Get shizz done and make it happen, Diva
  • 2 x per month Group LIVE Video Classes (including Q&A / coaching) - infused with wealth consciousness, money   healing and energy work
  • 1 x per month Group LIVE 'Hot Seat Diva' Coaching
  • Private Facebook CEO Diva Sisterhood Group - with love, support and accountability coaching from Ingrid and your   CEO Diva sisters
  • Tech Guru Access - get the tech guidance you need to succeed



Millionista Priestess

Millionista Priestess is for femmepreneurs already making over six figures. You're ready to quantum leap into $500K
and then $1Million with speed and ease, as you cut your hours in half. At this level, it's best to have a team in place or
be prepared to hire support, as you build your company at a rapid rate with GRACE and FEMME STRATEGY. If you're after a simplified revenue model that allows you to take time off and connect with your soul, with full confidence that your business will continue to flourish without you having to be involved at all times, this is
the package for you.

What do you get, CEO Diva?

  • 1 x 3 hour Ascension Session with Ingrid
  • 18 x 45 minute Private Coaching Sessions with Ingrid throughout the year
  • On-Demand 1-minute Power Coaching with Ingrid
  • Regular Personal Email Accountability Check In - Get shizz done and make it happen, Diva
  • 2 x per month Group LIVE Video Classes (including Q&A / coaching) - infused with wealth consciousness, money   healing and energy work
  • 1 x per month Group LIVE 'Hot Seat Diva' Coaching
  • Private Facebook CEO Diva Sisterhood Group - with love, support and accountability coaching from Ingrid and your   CEO Diva sisters
  • Tech Guru Access - get the tech guidance you need to succeed



So you may asking, how can coaches and healers at different levels of revenue have the same content?

The content for each level is the same in the weekly LIVE classes because we are here to teach everyone high-level strategies that get results. Trust us, even coaches at $200,000 per annum aren't fully aware of what we're teaching practitioners in the early stages of their businesses. But here's the deal - our Couture and Millionista Priestess clients, get VIP access to Ingrid. It's like having Ingrid in your corner every time you step in the ring.

This level of access to private coaching and mentoring with Ingrid will give you advanced strategy, momentum and results as it pertains to your business needs, experience and goals. Whatever you need to move you forward will be immediately available during our private confidential sessions. Because of this level of mentoring and your commitment, your experience within the CEO Diva Business School will be accelerated.

What you get: table_img01 table_img02 table_img03 table_img04
One year of group coaching table_check01 table_check02 table_check03 table_check04
90 minute Ascension session to work out your high - end offer with Ingrid Value: $3000 table_check02 table_check03 table_check04
3 hour Ascension session with Ingrid Value: $6000 table_check04
One group Wealth Consciousness Class each month table_check01 table_check02 table_check03 table_check04
One group strategy call each month table_check01 table_check02 table_check03 table_check04
One Q&A session each month with Hot seat laser coaching table_check02 table_check03 table_check04
Private Facebook Group with weekley guidence table_check01 table_check02 table_check03 table_check04
3 healing meditations each year table_check01 table_check02 table_check03 table_check04
VIP in Person / LIVE STREAM One Day Intensive - Sales Siren Strategy table_check01 table_check02 table_check03 table_check04
4 x 1 hour coaching sessions with Ingrid table_check02
8 x 1 hour coaching sessions with Ingrid table_check03
18 x 45 min coaching sessions with Ingrid table_check04
On demand 1 min power coaching with Ingrid table_check04
Accountability Email check in's table_check04
Your $100K = $500K + strategy table_check01 table_check02 table_check03 table_check04

'Ingrid is a true visionary. She'll laser in on the potential of your business and help you bring it to fruition. I was blown away by her creativity, insight and speed. Ingrid's work is a rare mix of soulful vision, strategic marketing and financial planning. If you want a revenue breakthrough that allows for more time and ease to enjoy your life, you need to work with this woman.'

Terri Cole

Psychotherapist, Strategist and Coach at


'Oprah talks about living your best life. Ingrid makes it happen! Ingrid is dynamic, clever, powerful and generous. I really believe she isn't just a divine money mentor but a spiritual messenger. Ingrid shows us how to value our clients deeply and how to honor our- selves in equal measure. Her revenue acceleration strategy is about giving your clients the best service money can buy, to ensure they are supported 100% to reach their dreams and goals. In return for such attention, quality and service, Ingrid teaches us how to receive the abundance we de- serve! After a long period of burn out, I engaged Ingrid to shake up my abundance mindset! Ingrid was able to laser in on my business and show me how to implement a revenue model, which could yield multi six to seven figures, working part-time. Her process is illuminating, and it goes way beyond making more money - it travels into the heart of what everyone wants: love, joy, connection, radiance and freedom for ourselves and for our clients. I'm eternally grateful.

Dawn Breslin
International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach

This is a PROVEN and repeatable
system to
generate 6 to 7 figures.

All it takes is divine femme magic and your willingness to bank on yourself.


It's time to unapologetically own your 'woo-woo' superpowers and charge your worth. You're an unstoppable visionary leader, ready to skyrocket to six figures and beyond. You can (and will) do this!

'Ingrid Arna is priceless. She's been an AH-MAZ-ING mentor, confidant, coach, friend and soul sista. I was able to launch my nutrition and transformational business selling $1,500 one-day intensives and my $5,000 high-end program. Before even launching my website, I sold $11,000 worth in my programs in 2 weeks. Ingrid has helped me step into my divine power, gifts and intuition like nothing I've ever experienced. I couldn't have done this without Ingrid. She's helped me to heal my soul, clear my money fears and step into my divine power as an intuitive visionary leader.'

Caitlin McCarthy

Nutritionist, Spiritual Teacher and Divine Intuitive


It's time to become a savvy, soul-aligned businesswoman.

The moment you enter into a love affair with the divine feminine (while honoring the masculine) by fully owning the magnificence of your work, is the moment you'll ignite money, miracles and momentum in your business and life.

During our sacred time together, you'll release emotions and beliefs that have been sabotaging you for years (or even decades). You'll become a new woman as you remember and reclaim your wisdom and power.

You know the feeling of working 24/7 to build your business, trapped in a cycle of exhaustion -- and yet still wondering how you're going to pay the bills?

Say goodbye to that!

Picture receiving more money in a month than what you're currently making in a year - while working just 20 hours (or less!) per week, doing what you love.

You'll run programs - that thrill your soul because they've been designed in alignment with your passion and true purpose - in a bigger way than you've ever imagined.

This is what is waiting for you when you claim it.

It's time to release the shame of being wealthy and start charging your value. When you move from doubting to doing, magic happens. Money flows and your business grows!

And you don't have to do it alone...

When you join CEO Diva Business School, you have a new sisterhood and a CEO Diva mama coach who will make sure you rock it! (And you will.)


You have dreams for a reason. It's divine design. You were born to bring them to life

I know you get this and that's why you're struggling. Playing small doesn't suit you. You are meant for GREATNESS, lady.

Ok, so this is where shizz gets real...

Let's talk about
the big 'F word', baby... FEAR!

Fear of failure
Fear of being
Fear of not
knowing enough
Fear of not
enough money
Fear of working
too hard
Fear of making
too much money
Fear of
standing out
Fear of being too fat
and not 'hot' enough
Fear of leaving
friends behind

It's all B.S. that STOPS you from doing what you're called to do. When you allow your fear to consume you, it's a way out. It's a way out of being a leader. It's a way out of being truly seen. It's a way out of sharing your truth. It's a way out of financial wellbeing.

Our light and power freakin' TERRIFIES us.

The fear that you feel is toxic. I've been there. God, have I been there. It wasn't until I made a sacred vow -- a deep soul commitment to share my heart and serve deeply - that I began to experience abundance and a deeper level of beauty and freedom in my life.

There was no other choice for me.

No excuses. No story.

Just focus, deliberate intention, and a strategic plan.

You need to know this...

You're not normal, so stop pretending to be. You're a DIVA - from the DIVINE. Know that, deeply.

You're truly talented so questioning yourself is a total waste of time and a complete head F#CK! Put that drama down, diva.

You're incredible. End of story.





Oh, yes!

It's time to go to the next level; your soul will be your barometer, not resting until you take that journey.

Here's the juicy truth: once you own it and come to peace with your power, nothing and no one can stop you from being the CEO Diva Queen you were born to be.

It's time to make a choice.

Let me ask you a question...

What would it mean to you to be able to sell $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000 programs within the first few months (or even weeks) of our working together?

And if you're already at six-figures, what would it mean to you to quadruple your business as you master systems allowing you to work less and have more fun?

Feel into it right now and make a decision from your heart - NOT based on your fear.

I can tell you this for sure ... I'm completely OVER seeing women invest in programs and coaches that don't get results. It peeves me off! But more importantly, it's empowered me to create this program for you.

No one is offering the level of support, content and guidance that I'm offering you in CEO Diva Business School.

Making 6 to 7 figures doesn't have to be hard. REALLY. It requires stellar strategy + coaching + love + sisterhood. All you need to do is rise up and say, 'I'm in.'

As you grow and up-level, I'll be there to hold space for you each step of the way. I've got your back, darling.

This is your permission slip. The only question that remains is, 'are you going to show up for you?'

Your dreams are waiting for you to say, 'YES.'

Love, Riches & CEO Diva Magic,


Can I upgrade my program to a higher tier?

Yes, you can. You'll simply pay the difference of the higher priced program. Program prices are subject to change.

Why is the program a one-year commitment?

Because that's what it takes to do a soul-aligned MBA, darling. We're not talking about a little bit of change. We are talking about a full-blown business and life makeover. I could charge you the same amount for 6 months but to ensure you get the results (and you can pay for it with ease over a longer period), we've decided we want serious women ready to commit to a full year of transformation.

In fact, CEO Diva Business School is a continuous program and 'womanmind' (aka mastermind - but I do love my new word, don't you?). We're here to support you as you rise into six, seven and eight figures. You can decide at the end of your 12-month contract whether to continue or not.

There are many great programs, so how is this one different?

I am glad you asked! You may have bought trainings on high-end programs before, and then let them sit on the shelf. Perhaps you've taken a group-coaching program, and you didn't receive the results you anticipated. Maybe you're drawn to work with me, but you're wondering how it'll be different from everything else, and whether this program will truly deliver on what I promise.

I hear you, and I've been there. It can be hard to trust a new mentor -- especially when there are a lot of phonies out there. I've had many clients decide to work with me after investing in programs with some of the biggest coaches on the plane

They read heaps of amazing testimonials and wonder why they haven't had the same success for themselves. I'll tell you why right now. Simply, not everyone works in the same way. Some people need highly specialized one-on-one support. And to be honest, that's what most people need. They need love and attention to really grow and thrive, to break beliefs and habits that keep them trapped in struggle.

Most programs on the market offer good content but leave you to your own devices to implement the strategies. There's little-to-no accountability and the list of tasks you need to complete is nothing short of overwhelming.


They don't provide deep, soulful guidance and intuitive healing to ensure that you don't sabotage your own efforts. This is an inside job, darling, and unless you get your head and heart tuned to wealth, your ability to succeed is going to be seriously sabotaged.

That's why my program works. Because it is highly intensive and filled with connection, love and attention. We'll take you from struggle-city to a life filled with ease. The truth is, if you really want FREEDOM as a woman and entrepreneur, then you need to build a business that doesn't own you. CEO Diva Business School, will teach you how to make money, while building a life that is truly wealthy in every way.


There's a whole level of making money that you're probably just not aware of.

And here's the heart of it...

What most coaches are telling you to do to grow your business doesn't work at this level. Period.


Just getting started in business?

If you're a new entrepreneur (don't have a website, still figuring out who you're excited to serve, and so on), CEO Diva Business School is probably not the right fit for you just yet. But please keep visioning and heart-storming like the Vixen you are. When the time is right, we'll be here for you!


Great question!

Simply, because I get phenomenal results.

I activate femmepreneurs to transcend six figures and breakthrough into seven figures by owning their brilliance, working with energy alignment and mastering advanced strategy. It's a co-creative partnership on speed that won't drive you to exhaustion. A QUEEN needs PLEASURE, FREEDOM and MONEY.

Everything I teach comes down to one core femme focus - LOVE.

With an extensive background in the healing arts - including studies in mind-body medicine, Integrative Nutrition and eating psychology - I work from a deeply intuitive place. Pair this with over 15 years of experience in advertising, design, copywriting, finance, and product and content development, and you'll begin to understand a little of my unique approach.

Over the past decade, I've been creating and playfully leading my coaching and my marketing consultancy. My work is a fusion of spirituality, strategy, creativity and deep emotional work that allows me to secure incredible results for my clients - as I balance both traditional business and the mystical magic of the divine feminine.

Here's a taste of my work and extensive experience:


My work has been featured on:

Imagine having a business Goddess-Mama to guide you daily each step of the way - you know, your special person who brainstorms with you to capture your gems, listens to your fears, teaches you to truly own your talent and even reads and reviews your copy!

How would it elevate your success if you had a spiritual collaborator who sends you loving, kick-ass and sometimes 'tough love' guidance and strategies to make you shine? How would that impact your journey and how much would that accelerate your business and shift your life? Think about it.

It's going to be NOTHING short of monumental - and that's exactly what you deserve.

I'm here to make sure you stop spinning your wheels so you can shine, soar and sparkle like the jewel that you are. I will cut through your B.S., validate your decisions and get you to take inspired action to live your highest potential.

If you want to elevate your life super quickly, then I can take you there. The world needs you to show up and own your talent! When you own your gift and charge what you're worth, you'll skyrocket into wealth ... on every level.

Your investment in the CEO Diva Business School will pay off big time as we womanmind, your business ascension into a new stratosphere.

Because here's the deal: sitting on the sidelines, hoping and wishing and complaining and doubting is NOT a business strategy. You need support. You need guidance, and you need to commit to yourself big time.

Unless you bank on yourself, you won't make bank.

How much is it really worth to you to:

create a profitable and portable enterprise that serves you and humanity - while you become truly wealthy on every level?
have a team to ensure your success, helping you to design a business that truly lights you up (and that won't exhaust you)?
have immediate kick-ass loving support when you feel crushed by fear just as you're about to create the success you desire?

The most reliable way to build your life, is to create it.... consciously and deliberately.

It's time for fun, impact and freedom.

It's time to be in the money, honey!